We are at the service of our clients with the aesthetically most pleasing orthodontic solution ever, which renders for the users the opportunity to remain themselves in everyday life as the brace shall not influence the users’ self-confidence and air. Invisibraces are a new solution that has revolutionized our idea of orthodontics. The advantages invisibraces offer are:
  • the teeth are straightened by the help of an extra thin transparent aligner tray made of medical plastic
  • the aligners are comfortable to wear, thus they do not influence the wearers’ everyday life
  • the aligner trays are easy to remove, clean and reposition, thereby
  • they offer the wearers an ease in maintaining the required level of oral hygiene
  • they are not only for children: this technology offers a solution for every age group
  • perfect result can be achieved by the use of invisibraces in a short time