Hungarian Quality Product Award

The Dent -Art -Technik “Invisible braces and related services” development was awarded of the 2015 Hungarian Quality Product Award honors qualifying certification mark. This award recognizes the team’s high-quality work. The Hungarian Quality Product Award trademark embodies and expresses its commitment to quality. This is the 5th time this year that we attained the prize. 54 companies’ 57 tenders were awarded in the Parliament and earned the right to use the Hungarian Grand Prix Product Certification mark. Based on a recommendation from the independent panel of experts has been recognized 18 times by undertakings which, with high-quality products based on innovation contribute to the growth of the Hungarian economy and export ambitions. This year also brought further innovations in the application system’s life: in an increasingly competitive market tightened its requirements are taken into account. New groups have appeared in the main tender notice, which clearly show the consumer and the supply and demand trends, changes in demand. One of the main goals of the Hungarian Quality Product Award Proposals to change in that approach , according to which the price is still the most important purchase criterion , which is often placed in front of quality. But in fact, the quality-controlled products (eg .: with the Hungarian Quality Product Award logo) mean safety, health , durability. Their acquisition ultimately result in savings. We are proud of the recognition!